Client 8

"Incredible Ability"

Joe Mendoza, CEO, iLine LLC/CineToys, LLC

I have had the pleasure of knowing Jason Bortz for almost 20 years now. We started off as collaborators on short films and soon became friends. This talented individual has something you rarely see anymore, passion. Jason is extremely well rounded and gifted. For example, Jason’s ability to act, create, write, visualize, produce and direct is incredible and like nobody I have worked with before. Jason’s talents and passion allow me to feel confident and excited on anything we worked on together, including our company commercial I hired him to do. Jason's determination to pursue the arts is what initially impressed me, but Jason puts a tremendous amount of effort into everything he completes no matter how trivial the task. Jason also demonstrates a passion for active learning, as he has taught himself many things and conquered most of them. I have personally witnessed Jason’s dedication to balancing his creativity and critical thinking skills. Jason is not afraid to ask for help or guidance when he needs it. Refreshingly, Jason admits to responsibility after making a mistake and moves on with a straightforward and dignified grace, never playing the blame game.
Finally, one of the things I admire the most about Jason’s character is that he also recognizes the importance of being a well-rounded human being and a loving father. I highly recommend Jason Bortz and am extremely proud to call him a friend.

Client 2

"Simply Infectious"

Chris King, Award-winning Director/Filmmaker

I honestly cannot think of another artist I have met who is filled more with the desire to understand the craft of acting as Jason Bortz. Having had the pleasure of listening to him speak on several occasions about various acting techniques or methodologies, I each time walk away feeling amazingly reinvigorated - hell, supercharged - to learn more about acting so that I myself might become a more well-rounded director. An honest and talented actor, Jason gives each character his all, taking enormous pains to understand his characters to the Nth degree. Jason’s talents as an actor, along with his vast knowledge of the craft, make for fun and insight that is simply infectious.

Client 3

"A Master Class in Performance"

Dr. Mary Ellen Vogt, Author/Educator/Director

As someone who has been involved with all aspects of the theater for well over 50 years, directing Jason Bortz as Henry Higgins in Lincoln Theatre Company’s My Fair Lady (2019), was a capstone experience. Rather than offering just another caricature of the well-known character, Jason Bortz fastidiously dug into Henry Higgins, the man. During the three-hour production, Bortz transformed Higgins from a tempestuous, misogynistic, and narcissistic bully, into a vulnerable, broken, and lonely man, seeking and ultimately finding redemption by the end of his performance. The consummate professional, Jason was always receptive to direction during My Fair Lady rehearsals and was extraordinarily reflective about his work. Moreover, he was an eager and willing participant as we created scenes together with other actors. Even though he is an experienced acting teacher, at no time was Bortz anything but cordial and respectful of the directors and cast members with whom he worked. In addition to his considerable talent as an actor and singer, Jason Bortz has an impressive record as a director. Since My Fair Lady closed, I had the opportunity to observe Jason as director of Steel Magnolias. Again, he tackled this responsibility with the same ferocious energy and interest as before, and the cast members with whom he worked, perhaps without realizing it, were participating in a master class in performance during rehearsals with Bortz as their director. As an actor and director, I would jump at the chance to work with Jason Bortz again, and I hope you have the chance to do the same—it will be an experience to remember!

Client 2

"Innate Talent and Wealth of Knowledge"

Susan Andrews, Actor

Jason combines his considerable innate talent with a wealth of knowledge and experience to elevate any creative project he undertakes -- as director, actor, writer, producer, technician, or any of the seemingly infinite roles he plays. I was fortunate to be directed by him in his production of “Agnes of God”. I was impressed by the depth of his insight into the script, and I felt guided to portray a nuanced, multi-dimensional character in a project I found to be creatively fulfilling. Later, I was privileged to see Jason star in “Jekyll & Hyde”, which he co-directed and produced. Moved by his performance, I wrote at the time: ‘Jason is a megawatt force with his athletic, gut-wrenching transformations. Fearlessly, he manifests the struggle between good and evil. It is a portrayal I, for one, will never forget.’ I never have.

Client 3

"Relishes Every Aspect of the Performance"

JaNine Romney, Actor

Jason is a lover of language. He savors every word uttered while giving each moment of silence meaning. He holds his pupils to these standards. In his monologue class, we strip every word down to its naked truth and then tease out other possibilities. In the same vein he addresses the purpose of each movement and stillness in a performance. His writing is a work of art, an enviable talent. We’ve reviewed film scenes in class - he relishes every aspect of the performance, the lighting and the direction and teaches us to appreciate the same. Honestly it’s a bit daunting to keep up with him. I would take any class he offers and cherish the knowledge he imparts. Side note: I’m certain his IQ is near genius level.

Client 5

"A Thinking Actor"

Mike Betancourt, Actor

If you want to be a stupid actor then I suggest you don't contact Jason Bortz. If you want to remain shallow, uncreative and talentless, then keep doing what you are doing because you are on the right track to failure and years of frustration. Me on the other hand, I am smart. I am smart enough to realize that " Oh crap! MY ACTING SUCKS! "  Which made me contact Jason. 
I've seen Jason act on stage and film; I have taken his workshops and met up with him for personal coaching. He is worth your time because Jason knows a lot about acting and sees things from a different angle that you would never imagine. He helps open your own creativity and to quote Jason, "makes you become a thinking actor."  I am very lucky and fortunate to have met him. I truly appreciate his honesty, kind words and his passion. 
So please, don't be stupid. Call Jason.

Client 6

"Friend and Mentor"

Aimee Yocum, Parent

As a parent of one of Jason’s students, I have had the pleasure of watching him work with my teenage son over the past three years developing his skills in acting.  Jason is very passionate about teaching his craft and sharing his expertise with fellow performers.  He genuinely cares about his students and supports them in all aspects of their lives.
He initially started group acting classes at my home for my son and some of his friends, where they worked on monologues and dissected its many parts.  Jason taught his students how to familiarize themselves with the play the monologue originated from, identify the speaker’s motives, and who they are speaking to.  He helped his students find the “beats”or dramatic shifts in the monologue, so they could convey all the changes. In the end, his students’ performances told stories with intentional movements and levels of emotion.
After the group classes, I decided to hire Jason as a private acting coach for one hour a week.  His rates are very reasonable and his time is flexible, especially when working around a young performer’s schedule.  The growth that my son has made as an actor is leaps and bounds in comparison from where he started.  After months of hard work, he helped my son build his confidence and technique, which enabled him to land several lead roles in local community and high school musicals.  One of these roles earned him the Best Supporting Actor Award at the Rita Moreno California High School Musical Honors in May 2018. I recommend Jason as an acting coach for anyone who wishes to pursue a career in acting or just wants to perform as a hobby.  But above all, I consider Jason a friend and mentor to my son, which is my highest recommendation.

Client 4

"Talent and Professionalism"

Toody Lawrence, Actor

I have known Jason Bortz for the past 10 years as an actor, director, mentor, and friend. From the moment I met Jason I was impressed by his talent, knowledge, teaching skills, patience, and charisma. I
have seen him perform in everything from comedy to drama and the level of talent and professionalism he brings to the stage is beyond compare – you believe every word he says! As a director he brings out the very best in every performer by encouraging the same in-depth analysis of the script and
believability from them.
Jason taught my daughter throughout her teen years, and she went on to graduate with a degree in theatre (emphasis directing) from CSU Fullerton. She now works for Disneyland Resorts in
Entertainment. She has been an integral part of Disneyland’s live shows both on stage and behind the scenes and has performed and directed at other Southern California venues as well.
A few years ago, I decided to try my hand at acting and joined one of Jason’s classes. Jason quickly had me ready to audition for my first role. I got the part! I was hooked and went on to be cast in more shows
and was honored with an Elly Nomination during my very first year as an actress. My favorite thing to
hear from people who have seen me perform is “Wow! You just keep getting better and better!” It’s all
because of Jason! He is encouraging and funny – we laugh a lot, but he keeps it real and is always
finessing my performance to make it the best it can be.

Client 1

"More Depth and Complexity"

Jennifer Campagna, Parent

I highly recommend Jason Bortz as an acting coach and mentor! He started coaching my daughter, Sophia, almost one year ago. During this time, I have witnessed incredible growth in Sophia's acting ability. Sophia approaches her characters with more depth and complexity, thanks to Jason, and it shows when she is on stage. Jason is also kind and thoughtful. It is obvious he cares about his students and is vested in their future success. Sophia is passionate about musical theatre and plans to pursue a BFA in college. I feel confident that she will be well-prepared for her college auditions because of Jason's coaching!

Client 7

"Forever Grateful"

Merilee Imamoto, Actor/Director

Jason literally saved our theatrical reputations by stepping up to direct Steel Magnolias at Lincoln Theatre Company after the original director left the production. The month prior, I had seen and was thoroughly impressed by Jason's performance as Prof. Higgins in My Fair Lady, but I was not prepared for his skill as a director. Since, I, too, dabble in directing, watching him work was like taking a Masters Class. I shall forever be grateful that Jason has chosen to make Placer County his home, and I am sure there are many more artistic triumphs to come his way!

Client 8

"Vast Experience"

Daniel Jacques, Actor

Although I've only had the privilege to work with Jason for a short time, I've learned a great deal about acting from him. He has specifically taught me various, relevant acting techniques and also career tips on marketing. I look forward to continuing my lessons with him and gleaning more from his vast experience. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who wishes to further their craft!